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woooo hahaha lets start this but first let me call my husband..........Taehyung wake up......Babe wake up........V! wake up!.....Taehyung!!!!!!
YAY!!!! he woke up Me: Babe we are gonna tell everyone why i love you and why i married you Taehyung: alright but why you have to wake me up Me: cause you have to say hi and introduce your self Taehyung: fine but i want something in return *smirks* Me: what ill do whatever Taehyung: i want the last cookie Me: but but.......ughh fine Taehyung: Yes!! thank you babe *kisses me in the cheek* Me: Taehyung! *smiles and blushes*
Taehyung: so i just have to say hi right? Me: Yes Taehyung: okay, but where? Me: Babe turn around Taehyung: ohh hahaha *does box smile* well im Taehyung for bts but you can call me v and Stephanies husband, nice to meet you *box smiles again* Me: awwwahhhh your so cute!! I LOVE IT Taehyung: ow!! babe!! Me: oh sorry hehehe
Taehyung:.....i dont know what to do now Me: its okay thank you....you can go now if you want Taehyung: but you woke me up and i dont want to leave you Me: no its ok you can go Taehyung: but babe nooo Me: no but the food is ready....go eat ill join you in a bit i promise Taehyung: really oh okay....*exits* Me: awwwahhh i love his chubbiness
okay so that was my ultimate bias.....*cough cough* husband *cough cough* isnt he adorable i love all the sides to him i love his personality i love everything about him
i love his child like side and how hes so werid i can never get bored with him he always makes my day and makes me smile when im feeling down
dont you think?? awwwwahhhh so adorble
i love his laugh its so cute and contagious and his smile always makes my day
awwwahhhhh Taehyung.........I LOVE IT!!
I really love how he gets so into his music and how he sing and dances and peformces awwwwahhhh........and his love for cypher hahaha im the same
awwwahhhh i love how he gets all into it
and his voice awwwahhhh
he always kill me with his adorbleness and his....dare i say it...sexiness ughhh freaking Taehyung
awwwahhh i love you taehyung
Me: i have many other reasons why i love tae- Taehyung: BABE!!! YOU PROMISE COME AND EAT!!! Me: awwww okay........well guys i have to go now :/ Taehyung: STEPHY!!! Me: im going ill be right there i just got to say bye Taehyung: ill go say bye with you Both of us: bye guys we love you :[] <3 Taehyung: bye nice meeting you Me: bye bye!!! Taehyung: lets go eat :[] *smiles* Me: hahah okay :D *smiles*
@KpopGaby anyday but it has to be this month @VixenViVi same and @Taijiotter its okay you can see more examples in the collection
i can't stop laughing, this is cute V is also my ultimate bias. What are u going to name your child XD
v is mine i thought we had a deal over on my card lol
@B1A4BTS5ever I LOVE YOU for creating this card with plenty gifs of Taehyung's weird,sweet, adorable, sexy and childish side. You had described everything that I personally love about him really well /no surprise since he's your ultimate bias/. thank you so much for the card! He might not be my ultimate bias but he has his own spot in my top bias list. The feels. *hugs you*
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