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GUYS LET'S PRAY FOR OUR BAND MEMBER'S...maybe fr u this is weird....IDK ABOUT U GUYS BUT I DO THAT MANY TIMES..IN THE NIGHT,DAY OR WHEN I AM WALKING.. Omg everytime when i see GD or all Members of BigBang i just thinking and i can't believe it HOW THEY CHANGE MY LIFE... also i have time when i thinking a lot of things of all of them like how they feel,what problem they havee, if they are tired, if they eating well,what kind of worries they have... idk i just thinking alot of thngs..I KNOW I NEVER SEE BIGBANG ON MY LIFE I JUST SEE THEM ON PIC. AND VIDEOS, BUT I PRAY FOR THEM WITH ALL MY HEART THAT THEY ARE OKAY.. BECAUSE I REALLY CAREE BIGBANG & also IS A BIG PART OF MY LIFE AND NOBODY CHANGE THAT..JUST GOD.. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS AND EVERYBODY..
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my beloved v.i.p sibling ... the feeling is mutural