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Okay I really wish I had a boyfriend. BUT NOT ANY BOYFRIEND. A Glittery fanboy boyfriend!!!! that we can obsess over them and not be awkward. But with me and guys it's like: me: Hi Boy: Your friend is hot. Me: Oh Friend: Your cute let's go!! *runs away with hot not* me: *cries* Sad thing is. Its usually one of the two people in the pictures above who they are talking about.
I guess they will do. BUT IF YOU KNOW ANY FANBOYS WHO ARE INTERESTED Let me know ;)! JK I know I don't need one I want one where can I buy one and how many potatoes do they cost.
You're pretty~ but sorry I can't help you with that because if I ever found one I'll buy him for myself first. :P
i love how you where fangirling and the you fot the leo feels hahah i love it and your problem i have never found a fan boy but i got one of my own.........*cough cough* Taehyung *cough cough*