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So earlier today my sister and I, accompanied by her boyfriend, went out shopping for our mother's birthday tomorrow. At first we weren't quite sure where to go because we wanted to get something really special. While driving around, my sister begins to play music. She put her ipod on shuffle and turned the volume all the way up with all of the windows in the car rolled down.
My sister's boyfriend knows we listen to kpop but hasn't really heard any of it himself except a few songs here and there, courtesy of my sister of course. The song born hater comes on and while the song plays my sister's boyfriend starts to bob his head and get into the song. Then a few songs of bts come on and he gets all crazy to the point where he lowers down the music and says "Where has this music been all my life? I have no idea what their saying, but I feel it!"
A few minutes after that, so dope by san e comes on. My sister and I go crazy and even her boyfriend starts to jam out to the song. At this point we stopped at a red light and were waiting patiently, but still jamming out at the same time. We were so into the song we failed to notice a car stop right next us. My sister and I were turning up shouting out the lyrics we knew and her boyfriend was nodding his head to the song doing all sort of hand movements. Suddenly my sister looks over to the left and finally notices the car next to us first. It seems that the person was trying to get our attention. She quickly lowers down the music and looks over to the car again.
They wanted to know what type of music we were listening to. We tell them it was san e and they nodded their heads and said the song didn't sound too bad and that they will look up the song on youtube. Then the light turns green and they drive away.
This was me and my sister afterwards like no joke lol.
And now that we are back home, my sister's boyfriend is currently on youtube watching all these kpop/khiphop vids. So far he's obsessing over bts, epik high, and big bang.
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Omg I know the feels. I did the same with my ex not to long ago.