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Of course all of you know because of course I say it all the time but my ultimate bias #1 , swag master to the max , MR.Korea himself , Kwon Jiyong , G Dragon , Swaggy G, 권 지용 오빠 ♡♥ Basically the love of my life.
of course I have a million bias and husbands but never has someone come along and bump my number one all time husband for 13 years and counting out of his spot. Who? you may ask , John Felix Anthony Cena. That man has been my husband since I was 5 years old not only have I loved him but I love everything he does for everyone . never in a million years did I think someone like 권 지용 would come a long and put the man I loved and looked up to for years in second place but he has.
Like when I look at him I seriously cant help but grin from ear to ear hes beyond perfect in every way , his smile literally lights up my world. I can have the worst day ever, I can be mad , upset , but as soon as I see my loves beautiful smile , Its like I forget everything and anything that happened.
dont want to make this too long or too gushy lol but I seriously love 권지용 오빠 so much and even though I joke around. I care about him soo much , and want nothing but happiness for him. He is seriously the one person who I connect with intellectually,personally, mentally there is just something about him that draws me in and seriously I would give anything in the world to just have a serious conversation with him to get to know him , hear his story from him just actually sit there and listen/talk to him. no pictures , no autographs just a simple conversation with him because hes an amazing soul , and an amazing human bean . we have so much in common its insane and this is why he is my ultimate bias♥♡
내가 당신을 사랑 권지용 ♡♥
awwwahhh gd i love your card
@B1A4BTS5ever Thanks♡ just love my gd