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Source: Naver
1. [+3,081, -91] So lucky that they get to eat whatever they want and not gain weight from it... jealous
2. [+2,042, -112] I wonder if they've ever had to diet... is it their metabolism or do they work out a lot.. lucky that they probably don't have to care for diets
3. [+1,960, -307] Yoona really looks like an elf on stage~ so thin and feminine
4. [+1,437, -90] That Yoojin kid is way too thin... her wrist looks like it's going to break
5. [318, -29] Sandara, Sooyoung, and Yoona were seriously born with that metabolism. They don't have to try to be that thin, they just are that thin.
6. [+284, -42] Yoona has an aura to her that matches how thin she is, very small and feminine ㅠㅠㅠ and seeing as how she eats well and is still thin, she was probably born with that metabolism
7. [+222, -8] Everyone on this list really were born that thin. They never gain weight no matter how much they eat. They've been stick thin all their lives. I don't think Lizzy belongs on this list though...
8. [+198, -31] Not gaining weight is just as stressful for thin people but others aren't hesitant in talking about it to their faces
9. [+175, -31] Nana and Yoona have hips so they still look like they have volume no matter how thin they are but Goo Hara has no chest or hips so she's so far from looking sexy
10. [+137, -24] Yoona and Nana look good even if they're thin because they're tall, have hips, and an S line that makes clothes look good on them.
11. [+192, -63] Yoona really seems to stand out here, has such a small, cute, pretty face ㅠㅠ
12. [+119, -14] Goo Hara has such a choding body... she's just thin, nothing else
13. [+80, -8] Yoona really does seem like the type to not gain weight, she eats well but doesn't gain weight
14. [+71, -7] Yoojin looks like she isn't done growing yet, her body's so thin like a choding ㅠ
15. [+80, -17] But Yoona looks a lot prettier with some weight on her, even though it's her face that all the prettiness is coming from... whatever weight she's at, she's pretty