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Can someone send me a bunch of BTS selcas? My phone won't let me download them... I need them to make imagines xD
Snapchat: fourstar2 Vine: Izzy (same picture as my Vingle account) Instagram: isabelle_not_isabella My accounts :) ^^^
If you send me selcas of other kpop idols I can make you imagines for him/her :D
I have a lot of bts selcas but my phone isn't working that good right now either
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@sugajin94 Haha ok thx anyway :)
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@fourstargeneral I'm on my lap top right now so I'll make a card and tag you in it. Would you be able to save the pics like that?
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@sugajin94 Yes I could, thank you so much! :D
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@fourstargeneral its no problem :)
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