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end of the first day with vingle, loving it so far. something about me my all time favorite kdrama is kill me heal me!!!!!! I feel like crying even thinking about it, it was that amazing for me PS: i was in love with the personality Shin Se GI!! he was so beautiful
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it's just about this women who is a psychiatrist that trys to help out this guy with a personality disorder, and how they form a romantic relationship. it's THE best drama ever, I guarantee by the end of the first episode you will be in love
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I think it's so funny I'm just scrolling through and I just started watching this drama yesterday
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@sarahwifi I can't wait to watch it! Thx for the recommendation! ^.^
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@summer0698 hahah well I really hope you're enjoying it. @luci546 you're welcome I know you will love it
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@sarahwifi yeah it's good so far I'm really enjoying it
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