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Loving these products. I'm all for a good eyeshadow. What made you choose these in specific? What do you like best about them?
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Well for the etude house round ones. They can pop out of the plastic casings and be put into a separate case. Customize-able eye shadow palates are a plus. Even though 7 dollars is a bit pricey for one small eye shadow the brand is good quality. Etude house and tonymoly (tonymoly also has epic lip stuff too)
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Thanks so much for explaining for me @xShortAndProudx. $7 is a bit pricey, but if it's good quality, it's worth it and an eye shadow palette is definitely always a necessity. So I def love the fact that they can pop out of the casing. I've checked out a few of Tony Moly's products, really nice.
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