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I'm a day behind on this and it's almost 3 am but I'm not going to sleep until I post this and question 5.

Question 4: What do you like about each member?

N is a special person. He has the ability to make anyone laugh (even Leo) and is not afraid of acting like a dork to do so. He keeps everything light and happy. He's also a great leader. He takes care of the other members so well and looks after them.
I love how quiet and shy Leo is. It makes him unique. He has so much passion in what he does. But instead of expressing it in words, he expresses it through his performances and music. It's obvious that he loves his fellow members (most of the time). He just shows it differently than them. And of course his voice is just to die for.
I see Ken as the mood maker in VIXX. He's the goofy one. And his nickname is Kenjumma for a reason. Every time I see a video of him, it always seems to be him being a dork or him performing and killing every Starlight in the world! But him being diverse like that is what makes him the Ken we all love
Ravi... His stage presence is truly something amazing. He can captivate the audience when he's on stage. I love how he's close with all of the members. I love his rapping style and his talent for writing lyrics that are full of meaning. And his body! Cause I mean... Wow! I love everything about him. Yes, I'm biased. :-D
Hongbin is amazing in everything he does. Even being a girl! His voice is so uniquely beautiful and so soothing. I could listen to it all day. He can pull off any look you throw at him with no flaws and his body is definitely something worth mentioning!
Hyuk has that dangerous built in switch that allows him to go from adorable little innocent maknae Hyukkie to HYUK-MAN in a split second. But it's impossible not to fall for him!
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this almost made me tear up (hahahahah I'm emotional this week) but you got why I love them all SoO spot on!!!!