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Room Mate won me over
i've heard about Room Mate and i didn't really think about watching it but after randomly watching this video i so want to watch it now
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I honestly like Season 1 than Season 2 even if it was funnier cuz of course Joon, Jackson and Gukjoo made it humorous along with Seho, but Season 1 had more of a family feeling
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I love this show I loved the first season because like she said it was more of a family feel with mama shin and everyone and my love chanyeol was there but the seconded season is hilarious because jackson and joon are literally the same person and guk juice is too much. and idk if you watched it yet but be prepared you will cry during season 2 Christmas episode
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I loved Roommate! Both seasons were great. It really sucks that they cancelled this show.
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Go watch it now. Don't delay it hahaha. This show's really really good :)))
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