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So I have an issue. since I got into Korean entertainment wave, I have always wanted to make reaction videos and give advices on what to watch, listen to and do with the amazing world kpop/drama. However, I am extremely camera shy and hate attention, plus I am scared of failure. But i really want to start making videos because I think I can relate to so many people. What should I do?
Ah I know what you mean about this being a dilemma. I'm the exact same way. I want to do reaction videos too but im too shy. But I say go for it. You don't know unless you try right?
Besides there are so many kpop fans out there. Everybody could relate and I know there are many people who like watching reaction videos.
You can always film it and edit it to your liking. If you like it great, if not dont post it lol Don't stress people love to watch and feel with others in the kworld!
You never know unless you try!!!
Yeah go for it! Plus, if you post them on Vingle you know that we're nice and supportive so you dont have to worry about getting trolls or anything which is what I always worry about