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Check out the link and let the world know... you can vote at the bottom of the page...
iKon sorry day6 but I've been waiting for iKon longer
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@BekahVires, check out day6's new video on my posts... you may have a change of heart...ㅋㅋㅋ
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Day6 for sure.. we'll see when iKon finally debuts if their sound has gotten better.. I only ever saw them as a dance crew.. B.I and Bobby can make it alone but im not sure about the other guys yet
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I watched them on win and saw team b or iKon first but I remember hearing day6 on it one time I liked them but I've been stoked and waiting for iKon but I do like the day6 gives I'm not saying I am only waiting for iKon but I didn't expect them debut at this time. @RobertMarsh
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