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This ship is wondrous ship of Gdragon and Daesung from Big Bang <3
They love to play games!
GD uses Dae as a form of transportation >.<
Dae can't handle cute GD ^^
Daesungs killin GD
Hyung gives Dae love pats!
You can find GDae fanfiction here!

Do you ship it?!

thank you to @KutieKiKi for the suggestion! Find more ships here! Want to see your otp? post the suggestion here!
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This is just too much cuteness! Love it!😍😗😘💞💖💓💋👄❤
I ship everything with Dae
@shjej5835 As you should >.<
Well I'm a TopDae shipper but I think GDae is a bit okay not my biggest shipper cause I ship GD with Teayang or Senguri
@MaricelvaRomero ToDae is my main ship as well but I can see the love in GDae too XD