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Biases remind me of a box of crayons. Although I hoarded all the "pretty colors", ALL THE COLORS were an integral part of the box as a whole and above all, still MINE. I think how you treated your 96 count box of crayons with the built-in sharpener is directly linked to your bias list (´ヮ`) lol. Sewwwww there's this Ultimate Bias Challenge going around....pretty sure it originated here ←_←and I was mass tagged in that post by @B1A4BTS5ever. Butttttttt my bias list......isn't as concrete as it used to be. Then I remembered this Tumblr post.....and ITS SO TRUE. So I was inspired to create a bias list based on this.....since I can't point out a definite ultimate bias at this time. Sorry T.O.P......I'm just being real here....
I used this as an outline but gave them cool names because I have a lot of time on my hands to think of such things....
THE STARTER BIAS: TAEYANG It all started with this boy right here. This eye smile.....are you seeing it? He's adorable but what got me was the swag he oozes when he dances. He's got this voice that isn't a power vocal but it still cuts thru and stays with you. There's this vulnerability in his tone....he portrays emotion in his vocals like an ace. The fact that I can fit him in my back pocket is appealing for some reason. Its obvious I still stan him just not as...........hard (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) Yep....I just said that.
THE WIFEY BIAS: THE ONE AND ONLY T.O.P ERICA♡sT.O.P4VER and he knows it (❁´▽`❁) He's hands down the most gorgeous man I've ever laid with my eyes (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) MULTIFACETED. He's strange.....just a complete weirdo who is completely bingu but also sensitive.... guarded and a lil mysterious. He's definitely a complex being. And I dig that because I get bored with people but T.O.P peaks my interest....and that voice _(_^_)_> that stare.....uuggh and that crooked grin.
THE GIRLFRIEND BIAS: LAY THE BAE I LOVE THIS BOY TO THE MOON AND BACK 50 JABILLION TIMES AND THEN SOME. He's precious. He's sexy as all hell but he's a derp and a lil bit of a space case....completely adorkable. He's tough as nails but sensitive when he needs to be. He can be flirty but he's so genuine at the same time...He's just the total package. AND DO YOU SEE THE DIMPLE????? In other words, T.O.P watch your back.
THE MISTRESS BIAS: GRAY THE BAE He's the bias that I hafta make sure I'm looking on fleek just to watch a video that he's in (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) Yes.....this is what my life has become. I see him and......I pretty much forget that I stan anyone else. See the second slide? That's what he does to my bias list. He's all "Oh lemme just adjust this and put myself a lil higher up.....ohhh whoops.... good luck putting that back together. But good news I'm right here....I'm all the bias you'll ever need." I'm aware it says 2 biases....... BUTTTTTTTT
My bias list is a mess and I got a lot of love to give so Imma list one more that tries to take T.O.P's place.....
MEET MY "I JUST CANT QUIT YOU" BIAS SWINGS...... Yes he's loud. Yes he's arrogant. Yes he's offensive. Yes he's stubborn. But I like him....(๑^ں^๑) nah scratch that......I LOVE HIM and maybe I shouldn't but I just can't quit him. His craziness.... his presence.... his confidence....and his voice ....I love it. But besides all that he's quite sensitive and can be really genuine and relatable. Like I said in my Kpop Clique Challenge.... we escaped from the same wing of the nuthouse. He's my brand of crazy.
THE "JUST TRY IT YOU MIGHT LIKE IT" BIAS I swore I would never stan anyone from SuJu.....two members made comments regarding girls who are overweight like a million years ago and that just didn't jive with me. Butttttttt......
I couldn't help myself.....I like the group and even picked me a bias. KANGIN does it for me. I realize there may be a pattern here.....people hate on Kangin because he tends to be kind of a jerk....peeps hate on Swings because he tends to be a jerk too. I love jerks and that's okay because I'm a jerk. I'm gonna add one more bonus bias......that one bias that you stan so f*cking hard but as "just a friend"...... THE FRIENDZONED BIAS
GIRIBOY.....This smiling boy has been sneakily climbing my bias list. First and foremost I dig him as a producer. Secondly as an artist the music he puts out just pleases my ears. He's quirky. He's a lil strange but he's SO F*CKING COOL. And he's adorable.....that smile and those glasses.....he's got the tiniest dimple that shows up when he smiles real big. And he's such a smartass.....but I love that. He's a Sour Patch Kid in the flesh. I love this boy but.....as of right now....he's friendzoned. And lastly we have..... THE BIAS WRECKER.....ALL AROUND LIFE RUINER AND REASON FOR LIVING SWIRLED INTO ONE.....
LIL BOI IS STILL RUINING MY LIFE..... He's adorable. Boy has got skills....his tone....I just love it. He's got a rapping style that's all his own AND THAT LAUGH! I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. It's sick how much I love his laugh. He's a geek but absolutely adorable and so effing cool at the same time. I'm in love with his huge.......talent. Nasties -_- But sadly he's in a relationship which shouldn't matter....but stupidly it matters to me because I'm ridonkulous like that. So I'm a day late for this challenge but whatevs....lol. And as for tagging....I ain't about that life (´ヮ`)
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I lost it at the Squirtle meme XD I love Kangin too!
@AimeeH yassss another Kangin stan!!
I have like 3 bias wreckers it's terrible
There is No shame in having more than 2 bias wreckers.