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So JYP's new boy band just debuted...based on this song I'm a fan already, absolutely loved this ^^ cannot wait to buy it and listen to it all the time!!! The MV was a little sad (not meaning to say that's bad thing, cause it's not), but I think that it was really good overall, and I really liked the rap as well. Let me know what you think of the song and MV in the comments :) Full credit to JYP ent. and Day6 For this video :)
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Damn it. I love it!!! .-.
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Congratulations JYP and Day6. I love the song. Amazing voices. Good beat. A little heartbreaking. Keep up the good work.
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Day 6, I got my eye on you!
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WHAT?! WHAT?! And i just heard of this. How is this posible?
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Hey we now have an awesome new day6 community!!!!! if you want you could join and share this card with the community. thanks!! 😆😆 I hope you support day6 in the future!!
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