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I rather kill it then run away knowing it's still lingering around somewhere lol @buddyesd
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@sallyg1208 I think I got it but it was gross!!! it was the size of the little heart icon here but I swear I could see venom dripping from it's gross spidery fangs and it had a evil smile on it's face!! ugh I hate them lol
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but he was smiling!!! lmao he was probably just trying to help you out checking the traffic for you! totally misunderstood spider lol! jk @buddyesd
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@sallyg1208 maybe, but then again he might have been out for revenge lol
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Spider I can tolerate, but not cockroach! we used to have wolf spiders around the backyard, we don't bother them and they don't bother us, plus they eat all the harmful bugs in the garden.
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