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(credits for owner of Images and @byeolbit for Challenge)
I totally forgot last night since I was busy with Imagines, so I will be doing both Challenges in one :)

Day 5 question: What's you're favorite era?

If you haven't noticed, Voodoo Doll is my ultimate favorite era! When I want to watch their M/V's, this is the first one I come to. For some reason, you'll always find me eating while watching the original version when everyone else is commenting on how nauseating the M/V is with all the gore and horror. I LOVE IT ALL!! I'm the only one in my family who isn't disgusted with these things and I'm proud of it! ^^ I want another era similar to this! My life would be complete!

Day 6 question: Post 10 pics/gifs of all 6 members!

I chose these photo's because you can see their transformation from time to time :) They sure changed (with the exception of Ken and N and maybe Leo? lol they don't look slightly different XD)

*pervert mode*

They got the booty, I want the booty~
I always think that hongbin didn't change that much but somehow scrolling through your ten pics I"m kind of shocked by how much he did grow up, too
@byeolbit Yeah, he did. I always tend to notice differences. It's like Sehun's changes through every era