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Okay, so I've been seeing people make cards for their Bias or biases. I already have some card dedicated to my loves, but I think the idea of having them all on one card is super cool! I hope you enjoy my card! Comment below who is your bias or biases?
Bow down the 1st king has arrived lol King Ji-Yong!! I love GD. I love his swag, creativity, fashion, and sexiness. He has true talent and shows that by being the leader of Big Bang and when he does his solo projects. Even though he has all this fame he is still humble and doesn't forget his roots.
Next, I have two holding the number two spot. It's King Taeyang....Dong Youngbae and King T.O.P...Choi Seung-hyun. These are members from Big Bang. Youngbae is super sexy with an awesome voice and moves. YB is also GD's bestie. T.O.P has a sexy swag and his rap skills are sick. Even though T.O.P may seem a bit distance he's the opposite. He's goofy, cute, and very loveable. He also has a great style. He's also the eldest in Big Bang.
Next is King Kai of EXO....Kim Jong-in I love his style and his swag. He's the dancer of EXO so you know he has to be a mixture of sexiness and confidence. He may have small singing parts...but SM needs to give him more!
Next is King Jay Park! His government name is Park Jae-beom. He is awesome. He's sexy, talented, and confident. He can come across cocky, but I love it. He's a rapper, singer, producer, and CEO. He was also born in USA.
Next is Prince Vernon from 17. Hansol Vernon Chwe is his birth name and he too is from the USA...New York is his birth place. Yeah he's young but he's on the path of being something great. Honestly, when I heard his voice I didn't know he was so young. He was bestowed a sexy manly voice, swag, mixed with great look and cuteness. Like I said he's young...but he deserves more spotlight time and he's under rated. His label needs to cut 17 in half and make them 2 groups in my opinion. This way members will have their time time to shine. I love his song Lotto....check it out!
Now that was an overload of goodness! CTFU!
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i love it :)