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My Favorite Laughs Compilation
There are so many idols that have very unique laughs and I'm making this card with MY favorite ones that basically give me life when I'm in a bad mood
*Note: They will not be in order*
(credit to owners of the videos)
It's pretty expected for a cutie to have a cute laugh :D
I read a comment that said, "Such a manly face and body have cartoon laugh" and I agree!
I seriously want a ringtone of this cuz it's just too CUTE!!!!!!!! ^^
Since there wasn't a compilation so I just thought of putting these 2 :)
Why is it that the handsome ones always have the most cutest laughs ever?!?!?
I can never get enough of his laugh....I will pay a lot of bucks just to watch him laugh for hours long
We all know he's a laughing mania XD so no need to explain
I seriously thought that the laugh belonged to Dongwoo since the camera faced him when I realized it was Woohyun and I was shocked!! It was funny though~
Now, you guys can make your own compilation of your favorite laughs :) You don't have to tag me, but if you want me to see your card then do so ^^
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XergaB20 Hahaha yes! I personally find Kai's adorable especially during the Roommate cuts lol but I have to agree with you on Dongwoo's laugh
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Challenge accepted!
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I love it when they laugh it's so cute
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