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it is time...for all to be punished or rewarded..depends on how you feel when you see this... bigbang SHIRTLESS! starting with forever clothed... Choi Seunghyun aka T.O.P
this has to be counted as a reward...this man doesn't like to have his clothes off...if he could he would shower with his clothes on second least shirtless maknae...also known as Seungri... victory! victory! victory!
even when shirtless this man is always adorable. how can one not love this wildin panda. now time for our angel with wings daesung... oh his smile...
he is almost as bad as youngbae but uou can never be mad with him ...after all he barely has any scandals compared to the others... time for the g to the d kwon jiyong..... and he hows how to work it
..... .... ... .. . mister forever shirtless. the one and only dong youngbae its a punishment... I'm the v.i.p that is strong and rarely get feels but... o m g yummy! now for the... BIG . . . BANG!
so you tell me... reward or punishment?
*heavy breathing*..... reward ❤️
Ooh I don't know. It could be a rewarding punishment. ;)
I'll go with both! x)
Reward 😍
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