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So today, I woke up 9 minutes ago..and of course I check Vingle. And the first 5 cards I see is littered with words called Ultimate Bias Challenge/Day. So I be bias huh? I HAVE HUNDREDS! BECAHSE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ARE MY DORKY BIAS. Eeny meeny mini mo...for about 4 hundred times.
Ahem... you can enter now.. THE FLYJNG BOY OF GOT7 or plain SPIDERMAN! of KPOP! Cause yeah...I call him dat. Don't judge me.....
Reasons Are.... He flies. NO REASONS NEEDED I TELL YOU. Oldest yet innocent-nest. Cause GOT7 are like that. He's quiet. And I like quiet. OH MY DEAR FRIENDS, I WISH I COULD CONTINUE BUT I'M LOST again. In the mall. :/ WHAT'S YOUR ULTIMATE BIAS?
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JB JB! I don't know what it is but he's awesome!