OMG!!!!! So I've been enchanted with this song. Its just so beautiful thats it has been on replay none stop. Then I got more into VIXX and now I'm obsess. Ugh this has taken over my life but I don't care. Kpop is Life!!!!!
The vand version of Beautiful Liar is soooo good!!!!!! It has a different feel to it. It more intense and you can feel more of those intense feels.
Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!! Why did VIXX had to throw a love arrow at my heart. They have casted a magic spell on me with this awesome Music Videos.
Yea VIXX is my new obsession, after SHINee of course, but I love them so much!!!! VIXX fans out there tell me everything there is to know about them. My bias is Ravi. His rap is great has a great personality. Plus we both like coffee. yes everyone I'm a coffee maniac.
sorry everyone I haven't had time to post anything do to school. =_= it always gets in the way of everything else. The struggles of school life are real.
YAYYYY welcome to vixx-land :D