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Natural therapies are still being challenged & criminalised on one hand...and this is happening on the other...? One word sums up the tone of the article. Bragging. Lol. What a spectacularly topsy turvy world.
how can she say these things in the news and not be arrested or something? it's not liek this is a legal drug or anything.
well, that's certainly one way to feel happy. o.O
should i be laughing and questioning where she even GOT the horse drugs?
I know!! That's been my exact reaction! She did not just say that?!...She did say that!...Is she allowed to say that?! She hasn't even tried to jazz up or sophisticate with medical terminology. It's like a journal. Day one: High as kite. My lounge turned into a giant lizard and ate all my cushion. Now I'm going to twirl in circles. Anticlockwise, to reverse aging. Weeeeeee? High ho silver, away! Wafting...The. Gooooooooo K!!!!!! (and drop pom poms).
'...wafting around the house singing...' ;-) ahhhhhh......the serenity....:-)