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I will someday move down there. Number 1 goal!
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its a beautiful city... I spent a lot of time there
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@RobertMarsh TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!!
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@SoneForever, it would take forever.. I lived in Korea for 18 months and went to Seoul most weekends and couldn't see everything... the wonderful people, delicious food, terrific shopping, the sightseeing, palaces, Seoul tower, hiking Buchansan mountain, and the nightlife! Just tell me what you want to do and when you're leaving and I'll give you a few ideas
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@RobertMarsh Thanks man. Do you know a lot of Korean? That's one of my major problems.
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@SoneForever, not a lot just a little but I'm still learning even though I don't live there anymore... I've been posting some language lessons on here... check it out... it may help
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