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So I'm new here and I just thought that I should post something. ^^ My first post is going to be about K-Pop. ^^ Being a K-Pop fan, I always get asked tons of questions. For example: "Why do you listen to K-Pop?" "Why do you like this?" "Do you know what they're saying?" "Why don't you listen to American music?" It's really annoying. /.\ First of all, music is universal. If music wasn't universal, you wouldn't see singers traveling to different countries for their concerts. It doesn't matter what the language is or how it sounds. If you like it, listen to it. ^^ It's just music. Why do people act like it's a crime to listen to K-Pop? It's just a genre of music like rock, rap, hip-hop, etc. Even if I can't understand the language, it's easy to know what they're talking about. The title gives it away, the way the song sounds, and most K-Pop songs have English in them. Why is it okay for people from different countries to listen to American music, but I can't listen to K-Pop/J-Pop? English is not the only language in the world. ✌