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I'm bored....listening to GD station on Pandora now to break this spirit of bordem. Then it hit me no one can have too much GD! As he said in Zutter "Baby give me some give me give me some yeah!" GIVE ME SOME GD!!
GD is putting you under his spell with his supernatural sexiness.....
Hum...just a few pictures...but....true GD addicts need more lol goes another dose!
C'mon bring it on. GD fans...need another hit!
deo deo... motto motto... más más... MORE MORE!
Ahhhhh I need the rush!
I should stop? Which one of these dorks are you talking to...not me..I know!
You say too much GD.... Hum oh really? Well in that case excuse as I continue feeding my addiction lol
Oh look bestie came by to help make the dosage even stronger!
Ahhh....I'm in magical bliss
People gonna runs those lips about GD. But he's my choice of drug. Anyone who judges can kick rocks and sniff toxic glue lol....but I'm go serious. Cuz I love mi Papi! xxxxooooxxxxx
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Thanks for this! Especially the GIF from bang bang bang live!