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Day6's Debut M/V
The song is just amazing- I love the band concept that jyp is going for... all of the Oppas are really cute and currently, they are on my radar.. seriously if you haven't watched the mv or heard the song, go watch it NOW NOW NOW!
Seriously though, the song itself hits me on a kind of personal level, and it's an amazing breakup song {plus the actor was the cute little one from Rooftop Prince} It is very great, and they can sing very well- it's rock influenced and I'm a huge fan... I started to cry, I know... I am a baby, but seriously that mv.
I am fangirling over the cute oppas already, I'm sorry. JYP has done well by doing an actual "band" this time with instruments and such- well time to fall into the fandom head first, wish me luck guys.
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