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Your competency at work have nothing to do with your beauty habit, but that doesn't mean you can't get creative. I know not every workplace is as edgy and daring like a hair salon. So, do you have to be stuck with a boring ballerina bun for 8+ hours? Nope. In fact, there are some pretty cool hairdo that are both gorgeous ad cubicle-appropriate.
Say good-bye to slicked-back stiff hair and say hello to easy, breezy updos.

1. The Silk Scarf Bun

In a corporate setting, a ballerina bun seem like the only option to keep your hair up while looking prim and proper. If must pull your hair up in the standard ballerina bun, give it a twist with a silk scarf. Scroll through the image for assembling instruction.

2. The Retro Roll

Skip the low bun and try this rolled up style. Suitable for shoulder length and mid-long hair. You have to split the hair into three section. Roll up the left and right. Then finish with a giant roll from the middle section.

3. The Braided Chignon

It's as simple as it looks but with a small trick you can make it even better. Pull your hair into a ponytail. TEASE the tail. Then twirl it into a chignon and pin it to place. Remember to leave a small portion for small braids. Wrap the braid around and secure it with pins.
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I am in LOVE with that second look. Totally cool. Thank you for this!