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K-Pop is an awesome fandom. It is the best fandom in my opinion. Here's why:

1. You learn a different language.

When you listen to K-Pop, you'll want to know what they're saying. Also, you want to be able to communicate and understand your idols. This makes you want to learn Korean.

2. You learn about a different culture.

Getting into K-Pop will most likely get you into K-Dramas and variety shows where you see lots of cultural things.

3. We're a big family. ^^

4. We're supportive of each other.

5. We defend each other.

6. We're the most important thing to our idols. ^^

7. Our idols spend every day seeing us.

8. Most K-Pop songs have choreography, so we can dance along. ^^

We can make covers of our favorite dances which makes everything funner. ( You can't do that in the One Direction fandom. )
9. Our idols are very hardworking.
I mean, doing choreo and singing at the same time?

10. We adore more than one group.

Yes to all of this especially the fandom being supportive! You guys cheer me up every day, seriously!
***or try to dance along XD
This is awesome !!!! I just learned what kpop was because of vingle and I loveeeee that there is dancing to like every song !