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Reasons Why K-Pop Is Amazing
K-Pop is an awesome fandom. It is the best fandom in my opinion. Here's why:

1. You learn a different language.

When you listen to K-Pop, you'll want to know what they're saying. Also, you want to be able to communicate and understand your idols. This makes you want to learn Korean.

2. You learn about a different culture.

Getting into K-Pop will most likely get you into K-Dramas and variety shows where you see lots of cultural things.

3. We're a big family. ^^

4. We're supportive of each other.

5. We defend each other.

6. We're the most important thing to our idols. ^^

7. Our idols spend every day seeing us.

8. Most K-Pop songs have choreography, so we can dance along. ^^

We can make covers of our favorite dances which makes everything funner. ( You can't do that in the One Direction fandom. )
9. Our idols are very hardworking.
I mean, doing choreo and singing at the same time?

10. We adore more than one group.

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