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My friend @DanRodriguez was kind enough to tag me in this challenge. I'm not an intense gamer honestly. Games are a little expensive and I'm usually broke. And honestly I get really sucked in. I have some attention problems and games are really hypnotic for me. Of course they're designed that way. But I've played a few!

Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega was my first. ;)

There was a neighbor who watched a group of kids after school and she had a Sega system. All the kids used to get in fights over it but I was usually stuck there late and got to play without anyone else. This was one of the most frustrating games ever! That didn't deter me of course.

Baten Kaitos is the first game I beat.

There were a few before this I think (lots of Gameboy games) but this was the first one I really cared about. The music is incredibly beautiful, and the design on the characters and the world is fantastic! The story really got to me though. I was incredibly invested in what happened to all of these characters.
Thanks again to @DanRodriguez for tagging me! @buddyesd @poojas @AimeeH @ButterflyBlu @danidee @TessStevens did any of you end up making a card for this challenge?
sonic was my first game too!
@shannonl5 I love that you and @aimeeH have the same first! haha, serendipity. but yeah, I also love sonic. I remember playing sonic adventure on my friend's dreamcast way back when. it was the good ole days.
Omg, Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega was so amazing when it first came out. That was when graphic were becoming really advanced, so the first time I saw a friend play Sonic, I was so floored by how awesome it looked. (Also Tails was my FAVORITE! I'd draw him on everything when I was in elementary school lol.)
@shannonl5 XD yes! Lol kids these days don't know that struggle. I hated having to do that! lol it was like magic though!
@AimeeH lol at least you don't have to blow into the cartridge anymore XD that always drove me bananas
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