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Hey Vingler gamers!

Now we know where some of us started their gaming careers, and what game we love the most, so let's keep the steam rolling!
Today's Quick Question is this!

Who is your favorite videogame character?

Maybe it'll be the main character from your favorite game, maybe it will be another character. Either way, there are no wrong answers and everyone loves to talk about their faves! So let's do it!
Mine is a little unconventional.. but it's Daxter. I love him for his comedica relief and the way he supports Jak through all the trials the duo face. Plus, he even got his own spinoff PSP game!
So yeah, Daxter's my fave. How about all you guys?
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@DaniVO yeah I really get trapped in games, especially if I find the story really engaging. The non-commital games are much better for me but even still. Sometimes 5 or 6 hours would have gone by and I wouldn't even have noticed. And grad school is definitely super important, I can't imagine that leaves you much gaming time! I feel like once you're done you should get to reward yourself with a big gaming marathon or something ^_^
@AimeeH MY MAN KRATOS. He's just the epitome of a badass anti-hero for me. Killing gods ain't easy business.
@VinMcCarthy yes!! I love Kratos!