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Big. Bold. Important.

These are words that New Yorkers associate with themselves and with their city.

Matt Harvey fits the bill; he checks all the boxes.

A few days ago, I wrote about the dilemma that Harvey faced regarding his innings limit. His doctors and his agent want him to rest and shut down his arm for the rest of the season to avoid injury. His teammates and fans want him to take a chance and really go for it this postseason.
What no one had really focused on was what Harvey himself wanted; now, we know.
The Mets' ace came wrote a mini-essay yesterday and released it to the public explaining his plans for the rest of the season.

Harvey is a bona fide superstar, and he knows it.

It's a big, powerful move to write a public statement on something that has been getting so much media attention. Most players would leave this kind of thing up to their agent, or just let the whole scenario play out and keep everyone guessing. Not Harvey.
Harvey saw an opportunity to make his name and image even more powerful then they already were, and he snatched it. You've got to respect the move on Harvey's part.
He doesn't mess around - not on the mound when he's pitching, and not with his public persona when he isn't. Matt Harvey is a brand, and he's doing his best to build that brand as big as possible.

I love what he did here.

It's a little bit obnoxious, but that's what New York is all about, right?

It's a little bit brash, but aren't all of us New Yorkers a little bit brash, too?

Harvey loves the spotlight - he's on TV, he's engaging with the New York community - and this is just another thing to add to his public resume.
The best part? The actual content of what he said.

Harvey's going to pitch in the playoffs!

It's what every Mets fan wanted. He's going to stretch himself and go for it, putting the good of the team over his potential pay check.

That's my kind of superstar.