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Man Crush Monday

My man crush of the day is big brother and same-aged friend Shin Hyo Seob. As a fellow 92 liner I really do admire and respect Hyo Seob oppa. We are the same age and yet he is already doing what he loves and has become such an amazing star from it.
BD: May 3 1992
Real Name: Shin Hyo Seob
Label: Amoeba Culture
Skills: Singing, Rapping
Twitter/Instagram: @crush9244
-he was apart of a hip hop duo called Masterpiece that debuted in 2012
-he is currently apart of VV:D (pronounced vivid) a hip hop and RnB crew with Zion. T, Gray, Loco, and ELO
-named Hip Hop Playa's Rookie of the Month for April 2013
-he can speak English
-he is good friends with Lydia Paek (often seen hanging out with YG people) and Jay Park (of course)
These songs are my ultimate love from Crush oppa right now.
Oppa how did you know...he must be psychic