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One thing you pick up from being a hairdresser or a cosmetologist is knowing how to do hair quickly! Some clients are impatient and they want fab results fasts! We can't control how long it takes for color or perm to set, but we can control the speed of hairstyling. Anyone looking for a sophisticated hairstyle under 3 minutes can refer to Wendy Gould's simple woven updo.
Step 1: Grab a small section from the crown, tease it a bit and pin it to place. You don't want a pompadour but a slight volume at the top.
Step 2: Take a section from the left, twist it and pin it to place with one or two bobby pins right below the crown section).
Step 3: Repeat to the right side.
Step 4: Reproduce step 2 & 3, so you have two tier twists.
Step 5: This is the easiest part. Twirl the remaining hair up into a pin-up bun.
I have the most difficult time keeping my hair in place with the bobby pins. I think it's because I have thick, but fine hair. Just a guess though. Aaaaannnnnyyyway Do you have any tricks that you could share as how to hold the hair in the back more secure while you bring the opposite side? I am SO in love with this 'du', it looks like it's from the 1940's!
@Amye1 Just made a card explaining how to secure the style.