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So I was looking at @KatieRussell's card on Ravi's Instagram updates and it got me thinking about what other VIXX members' Instagrams would be like.

Here are my ideas below but add your opinions in the comments!


Artsy fartsy Hongbin with his big fancy camera. He'd post pictures of nature and light and the sky. He takes filters very seriously.


Latte snob Leo would post pictures of his latte art and occasionally dark selcas with his obscure celebrity friends. And obviously professional pictures of himself looking good.


Hakyeon's Insta would be selca city. Pictures of him in the van, him and his friends, him at the radio shows, him backstage. Occasional and very meaningful "I love you VIXX and STARLIGHTS" posts.


Very very rarely updates but if he does it's pictures of meat.


To make everyone hate (love) him even more, Jaehwan would fill his Instagram with pictures of his members sleeping, ugly screenshots from broadcasts and of course any embarrassing moment he can get captured on video.
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this is aooo true...OH AND LEO WOULD HAVE PICS OF HIS NEICE and probz cute animals
2 years ago·Reply
OMG. I COULD TOTALLY PICTURE THIS. The rest of the members need to make instagrams!!!
2 years ago·Reply
So true!!! I can totally see this happening! Seriously!
2 years ago·Reply
I have a feeling that this is very very accurate. Especially N and Leo's haha (人´ ∀ `)
2 years ago·Reply
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