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Ahhh Labor Day. A holiday that says, “You’ve been working too hard. Take a break and barbecue.” But don’t be gone for too long, because who knows? Robots might just steal your job.
So, it seems they are taking over all of our jobs? Well, sort’ve. As it is they are stealing some of our jobs, they are also helping and growing jobs. Now, we shall see what Here’s how they are stealing but also creating jobs.

Labor Stealers

Robots are becoming even more and more advanced. With the advancement in robot and drone technology as weapons, it seems we need less soldiers. Which can be considered a good thing in some instances. But the ethical implications are a bit sketchy...
Robots have always been advancing in blue collar and factory work. Some even predicted that by 2029, the robots will even have the human intelligence to take white-collar work.
When it comes to other jobs, it's predicted that robots will be able to deal with emotional support. And it’s predicted that humans will even be able to have sex with robots...Yup, robots even got that going for them. Do we dare call it a “labor of love?"

Labor Givers

There is no denying that robots can take over the jobs of the people creating them. We need more robotics and technology experts! And more advancements in technology means more advancements in the jobs needed to create the technology.
Collaborative jobs with robots are becoming and thing too. Working hand and hand (or I guess hand and robot hand) with robots is becoming a new alternative to jobs. Not only are robots able to make the human job more effective, but also humans are able to bring more an authentic quality to work.
Lastly, it’s important to remember that humans are humans. While we do think robots are cool, we have human emotions and appreciate human interaction. So though a robot maybe the most convenient, I believe our human desire to interact will always be a key fact in saving human jobs. Anyone else feel me?
There is nothing like a small interaction at a store, or talking to a costumer service rep that’s an actual person, or just sharing a human smile with coworker. Sorry robots, you might not be the best at everything.
Except you know, to “Recharge” @TessStevens hehehehehehe
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