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You were thirteen years old. You went food shopping with your mother because she said she'd take you to Tower Records afterwards. For a while, you'd only by magazines here. They had the best video game magazines but since you were on the verge of turning fourteen, you wanted to be cool and the only place to do that was at Tower Records.
The coolest kids worked there. And you wanted to be one of them. You just grew your hair out long enough to touch your shoulders and you spent most of your time rolling around on a skateboard. You were a fringe kid and so were the Tower Records employees. And whenever you went in there, they were always so nice to you.
This taught you the one -- also the most important -- thing about being cool. You have to be nice, really nice, exceptionally nice. And not the kind of nice that people are because they just want something from you. They were genuinely nice to you. When you asked about the two Tegan and Sara records you wanted, no one laughed at you. They were surprised you knew who they were.
Your mother, who owns records, would talk to you about how easy you have it. CDs are a lot easier to listen to, especially since you just got a shock-resistant portable CD player. When you got home, she showed you how records worked. She placed an old 45 on the player and gently placed the needle on top of it.
You were astounded. You didn't know how they worked or how high-fidelity music would play through the speakers. You remember putting your headphones on afterwards and slamming a CD into your player and listening to the albums you just bought. You wondered if you would, one day, have the same conversation with your child about the way they listen to music.
These days, you remember what it was like to walk into a Tower Records and getting the feeling of wanting to hang out in there, even if you weren't buying anything. You remember when you reached the proper "working age" and how upset you were that Tower Records had gone out of business. You never really understood why or how that happened. It was a mecca for weirdos like yourself and now you felt like you didn't have one.
When you say the trailer for Colin Hanks' All Things Must Pass, it reminded you of this. The way you'd stare into the local Tower Records and wish you were old enough to spend your nights talking about music and smoking cigarettes outside of the store. And now, you feel like you missed out on something spectacular. You hope that watching this documentary will make you feel a part of the past you were never involved in.
All Things Must Pass comes out on October 16th, 2015