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Somewhere there is a land where missing socks roam free, play bocce ball, and drink sparkling lemonades. This is something I sincerely believe.
Omg ok now I'm thinking of the movie The Boxtrolls and I'm wondering if the Sock Goblins are actually these really sweet little trolls that have a really good reason for borrowing the socks and maybe don't realize all the mayhem they're causing?
@danidee Logic flies out the window when you're a parent. I think in my case, it's more OCD. I absolutely hate when things are out of whack; so the matching socks thing solved two problems. The missing socks and my piece of Mind. Hahahaha.
They are all probably hiding in the secret Lost Sock community. XD
@shannonl5 NEVER!!! Sock Goblins are the devil!!! And @Danse lol that's totally reasonable though. It isn't OCD so much as it's being well-prepared for the next Sock Goblin attack.
@Danse That's actually a strangely good method lol. Is this what happens when you become a parent? You gain 300+ logic points?
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