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Somewhere there is a land where missing socks roam free, play bocce ball, and drink sparkling lemonades. This is something I sincerely believe.
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I finally resorted to buying the same socks. That way even if one does go missing, at least it can be paired with any other one of the bunch. LMAO That's so lame, but it works swell.
@Danse That's actually a strangely good method lol. Is this what happens when you become a parent? You gain 300+ logic points?
@danidee Logic flies out the window when you're a parent. I think in my case, it's more OCD. I absolutely hate when things are out of whack; so the matching socks thing solved two problems. The missing socks and my piece of Mind. Hahahaha.
Omg ok now I'm thinking of the movie The Boxtrolls and I'm wondering if the Sock Goblins are actually these really sweet little trolls that have a really good reason for borrowing the socks and maybe don't realize all the mayhem they're causing?
@shannonl5 NEVER!!! Sock Goblins are the devil!!! And @Danse lol that's totally reasonable though. It isn't OCD so much as it's being well-prepared for the next Sock Goblin attack.