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Because we all know our favorite villains listen to music too

@amobigbang tagged me in this playlist of the week challenge, and I was inspired by the nefarious conversation @buddyesd and @caitlind9898 are having on my Marvel challenge so I thought I'd add a twist to this playlist! What music do I think my favorite villains would listen to? I feel like channeling the bad guys this week!
(Loki fanart by sakimichan on deviantart).

HyunA & Hyunseung- Troublemaker

I don't think of Wanda and Pietro as villains per se. But they were the antagonists in Age of Ultron and honestly, both characters are kind of tricky. They're not bad, but they're often stuck on the wrong side, or their powers cause problems for others. Intentional or not, they definitely cause some trouble. @tardisdragon7 since we were just talking about them, what do you think?

Natalia Kills- Problem

This is definitely for Mystique. She's a lot like Wanda and Pietro in that she has very strong convictions and is often trying to do the right thing. But she's been treated poorly over and over again, which means that she lashes out and often seeks to hurt others. It's a very understandable response to the world she lives in. It's why she's one of my favorite villains.

Alice in Chains- Angry Chair

This reminds me a lot of Thanos sitting in his throne being all mad because nothing is going his way ( @LAVONYORK lol I know you really like him). This band is really cool too. The tone of this song feels very end of the world as we know it. @DanRodriguez @megamind @Matokokepa I thought you might like this choice too.

Childish Gambino- Not Going Back

This one is for Loki. Honestly, I find Loki to be very self-centered a lot of the time (of course it depends on which version of him we're talking about here). I think the fandom has started to characterize him as being a little more sympathetic. No one denies that he's done terrible things, but I think we all want to understand why. There's a part of him that seems very lonely, like no matter what he accomplishes he feels like a failure. And I think that's actually a very relatable feeling unfortunately. @ChadBeckett I remember you said you liked Gambino ^_^

Lorde- Everybody wants to rule the world

There's a room where the light won't find you Holding hands while the world comes tumbling down
This one's for Yelena Belova. She was trained in the Red Room like Black Widow but unlike Natasha, she doesn't want to wipe out the red in her ledger. She's creating her own identity where Natasha feels like hers was created for her. And while Yelena's choices are often morally dubious, there's no denying that they're *hers*.

Mourning Ritual- Bad Moon Rising

I know @marichelAlvarez will recognize this from Teen Wolf, but this song actually reminds me of Crossbones (if you haven't read the comics... just get ready for Civil War because it's gonna be brutal). I really don't want to admit how much I love this villain... it's 100% because of Frank Grillo.
Thank you again @amobigbang for tagging me! I know you said this wasn't a challenge technically but I had too many songs not to make a whole card. I hope you enjoy it!
you are welcome @shannonl5. I love angry chair too!
@shannon15 It really is interesting. I just love how even though they seem to switch between good and bad, the one thing that seems to never change is their love and loyalty for each other. I find it amazing.
@tardisdragon7 awesome! I totally see what you mean. They're not good or bad, they're in shades of grey. Which is really interesting to see. @buddyesd and I were talking about that and how there needs to be a balance of the really Good with a capital G heroes, and heroes like Wanda and Pietro who can't always reach those levels. @DanRodriguez lol thanks. I've been listening to them a lot this week because you reminded me how much I love them ^_^
AIC!!! Good call! I'm a dull boy, work all day, ohhhh...:D
Oh yes :) First of all, I LOVE this song! And I agree that while the twins aren't necessarily villians, for a majority of the film they were one of the main problems for the Avengers, especially with Wanda messing with their heads. I see them a bit like antiheroes, what do you think?
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