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I was tagged in @VinMcCarthy's My First Video Game challenge, which is awesome because when I was a kid, I was obsessed with my NES. It was pretty much the focal point of all of my hangouts growing up. I'd have sleepovers where we'd just play Nintendo for hours and laugh and scream over what was going on on the screen.
I'm sure that there were other games I played before this one, but considering I was 4 years old when I first got a Nintendo system, they were definitely Sesame Street themed.

However, one of my earliest and most favorite NES games was DR. MARIO!

Dr. Mario was like Candy Crush before Candy Crush was even a twinkle in some app developer's eye. Dr. Mario would toss a color-capsuled pill into the jar, and you had to 'defeat' the virus by landing the appropriate pill color on the little virus dude of the matching color.
You could play this in one-player mode, where you'd just have to deal with the complexity and speed of the puzzle. Or you could play this in two-player mode, where you and your friend (which, for me, was usually my dad) would have to clear the game the fastest.

Needless to say, many fights were caused by this game.

Did anyone else play Dr. Mario growing up? Or do you play Dr. Mario now?

My sister's boyfriend was able to find a way to turn their Wii into an NES simulator, so sometimes when we're hanging out at their place, we play it on two-player and curse each other out as we play. (Because we're adults now. And adults have special words they use to articulate their frustrations.)
Anyway, this is my response to the challenge! If you loved playing video games in the 90s as much as I did, you should do this challenge tooo!! (Thanks for including me, @shannonl5!!)
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@VinMcCarthy Time ruins all except Leslie Nielsen movies. Those will always be good.
Uuuuugh don't remind me about student loans T_T I'm so done with paying bills at what point in adulthood do I become a billionaire and pay people to do that for me?
@buddyesd tell me about, man. just wait til your little guy is in college.
@danidee now you've reminded me that leslie nielsen isn't around anymore! ;_;
@VinMcCarthy now you're scaring me lol