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I love Archer! XD I died when I saw this. Everyone loves Archer!!
Next we have Vin Diesel and Dr. Evil.... Yes Vin Diesel please come pick me up... make sure that you bring that car tho... or I won't be going...
RON BURGUNDY! YES I GOT HAPPY SEEING THESE! I am most definitely a troll sometimes!!
Now we have an elderly man giving me rough advice, and creepy Willy Wonka... @loftonc16 had this challenge floating around. Thank you @danidee @shannonl5 @DanRodriguez for tagging me! @Taijiotter @najalong1998
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@Exoexo here's my meme
This is great! I love this challenge too much!!! Hahaha!!!
@Exoexo yes! I chuckled at the old man telling me to jump out the window
@AimeeH The Willy Wonka one though 😨
@Exoexo right?! I was like o.o boy