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The British Prime Minister just can't catch a break

Not that he really deserves one. I wrote about the ridiculously restrictive budget cuts the BBC is facing, but David Cameron's leadership has been under fire for a long time. His policies have cut benefits for people with disabilities, placed taxes on working class and elderly people, and allows banks and big businesses to go unchecked despite the fact that the UK is losing serious revenue to tax evasion (far more than benefit fraud or error). And to top it all off, he's now being quoted by a Marvel supervillain.

Captain Britain and the Might Defenders Volume #2 features a detention camp

And those inside are told that their rights have been stripped. The line is remarkably similar to a quote attributed to Cameron. Just days after the general election, he had this to say to the National Security Council:

His comments were met with broad criticism.

While his comments were ostensibly about preventing acts of terrorism in the U.K., critics have pointed out that often his policies place restrictions on free speech. Many of his policies are eerily similar to those of Norsefire, the conservative political party controlling Britain in V for Vendetta.

Maybe he'll lean into his new identity and start wearing a cape and cackling!

His approval ratings might actually go up.
woah. talk about calling someone out! hahaha
@shannonl5 hahaha while they dance we can do our job xD
@buddyesd LOL that can be your theme music. You flounce into the room and everyone starts dancing XD
@shannonl5 hold on...I'm having trouble with my theme music...for some reason it keeps looping la macarena
Lol yes @buddyesd it's getting time to protect the innocent and defend the weak and save the day!
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