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Okay so I'm not really new to kpop but I've never been a full on fan until this year I found out about kpop when my friend showed me fantastic baby by big bang like 2 years ago and I was obsessed with that song for awhile. Now I'm an exo-l, a shawol, and an army I hope I can make some new kpop friends up here. I also hope you can help me with their schedules for comebacks and stuff cause I still don't know how to find out about that stuff.
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I'll be ur friend ๐Ÿ˜œ I'm pretty sure we all will โœŒ, right guys?
omg if you're part of those fandoms you're definitely finding friends here hahaha a few weeks ago we had a whole week devoted to Jimin bahaha our ARMY Vinglers are awesoem