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-I LOVE HOW HE SUPPORTS ALL THE MEMBERS. he is such a sweeheart despite the teasing he has to face. He leads vixx so well. His stank face and laugh tho. (psst the last two pics are my fav of N)


-Ultimate Bias...nuff said. i could write a book about what i like about him but i won't. the main things i love about him:his smile, his voice(its what i imagine heaven would sound like), his lip biting habit, his sass, his fatherly-vibe(he would be a great dad and i hope he finds love some day ♡), how he reacts when hes embarrased, his aegyo(which btw is flawlessly natural and when he tries it because superaegyo and much more.),his sexiness,and much more


-I love how despite being on camera constantly he doesnt give two flying shits about the crazy weird stuff he does. HE IS FEARLESS. Hes also really adorable and like the rest of vixx is really adorable with kids too~ OMG I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT HIS VOICE


so good ;-;
RAVEHHH -his laugh hands down. that obnoxious beautiful laugh of his ♡. also his raps. they are so powerful (and almost impossible to rap along too x.x) he also looks stunning in anything...including wearing no shirt at all....


-tbh my fav thing is gis deep voice. him singing falling slowly and playing guitar is just ugh....a piece of my heart is still dead after that...his squirmy laughter(he cant sit still....look up leo shrinking act thing(ask for link and you shall recieve...binnie is like squirming/laughing and i cant help but smile) and last in line to why i like hongbingbong is his face. i feel like to many people put that before his voice and it makes me sad.


-i literally only have one picture of hyuk.....but anyway what i like about him is his development as an artist a lot of starlights got to witness from superhero to now. hes grown up *proud mother tears*
@byeolbit bingybong is basically the badgerdoo crimblefundle of kpop. haha and okay ^-^
hongbingbong ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i love this phrase hahaha i love them all too!!!! this card is awesome XD i'll send this to everyone I"m trying to get into vixx hahahaha