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so now that you know who is your boyfriend its time to see how did you meet
#1 you met on FB
#2 met while at a strip club lol
#3 met while walking
#4 met while shopping
#5 met while sing karaoke with friends
#6 met while going out to eat
#7 met at an EXO concert
#8 met while drinking out with friends
#9 met on vingle
#10 met while at the beach
now you know how you met and probably was your first date lol but just remember this is only a game this is not for real lol but also remember once you pick a door from part 2 you cannot change it hope you like what do you picked let's play boyfriend with EXO
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I met Chanyeol while singing karaoke with friends :D Nice!
Lay and I met while going out to eat.
Suho and I met while I was singing karaoke with friends