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Source: My Daily
This past Saturday, September 5, GFRIEND attended an event in Gangwon Province, where they were required to perform despite terrible stage conditions.
Due to rain, the stage was covered in water, and while performing their latest release “Me Gustas Tu,” the members suffered repeated falls, unable to maintain traction on the wet stage. Even before the performance, you can see the members taking concerned note of the water and trying to remove what puddles they can from center stage.
The member that suffered the worst from the wet stage was Yuju, who alone fell several times.
Member SinB also fell because the rain made the stage slippery and she could not control her strong dance moves.
When the performance was over, the crowd showed their support for the girls, chanting, “It’s okay,” as they left the stage.
Amidst widespread concern of injury from fans, Yuju later posted to Facebook, saying that not to worry and that she’s okay.
Fans who saw the performance largely expressed outrage at the organizers who allowed the girls to step on stage when it was so slippery, and sent applause to the girls, who pushed through the performance with professionalism.
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Yikes! I've seen a lot of people falling (I think Myungsoo has fallen about 10000000 times) and its so scary every time :(