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With only two ears it seems the media can only focus on two candidates. I’m getting pretty sick of all the Trump and Clinton action. Can we talk about someone else?
Adding on to @TessStevens Card about Bernie Sanders, check it out.
Cartoon by: Adam Zyglis
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Totally, things are blown way out of proportion @VinMcCarthy. I think this cartoon should come up with a follow-up. Like untraditional media and what it’s saying (i.e. social media platforms). I bet it would tell a different story than the Hillary Clinton, Trump crazed broadcast side of things! @shannonl5 maybe that would shift the public view on the two-party system.
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Love this whole convo, guys!! I would opine but I must SLEEP (finally).
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@JPBenedetto lol I hope you got enough rest ^_^
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Sleep soundly @JPBenedetto :)
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Thank you both, @nicolejb and @shannon15 - My new heart meds are kicking my azz and I slept like...18 hours. Pathetic, albeit useful. 😊Hope you each had a great day!
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