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With only two ears it seems the media can only focus on two candidates. I’m getting pretty sick of all the Trump and Clinton action. Can we talk about someone else?
Adding on to @TessStevens Card about Bernie Sanders, check it out.
Cartoon by: Adam Zyglis
Honestly @VinMcCarthy I think traditional media also feels very threatened by him. Like you said, he doesn't play ball. He doesn't go on the air and insult the other candidates. He talks about the issues that are important to him and refuses to become catty and accusatory. I think traditional media has assumed that those kind of theatrics are the only way people will be willing to watch TV about politics. Personally speaking, it's more likely to make me turn off the tv
I agree with @shannonl5. I also think that because of the way the media saturates the environment with just these two candidates, it makes it so that the regular joe american won't be well informed of their other options, unless the go specifically away from the major outlets. bernie is here with important things to say, but he doesn't play ball with the media, so he gets less airtime.
@nicolejb even George Washington said "DON'T DO A TWO PARTY SYSTEM GUYS IT'S A BAD MOVE" @shannonl5, you would hope so, right? that maybe in all that time they would have the ability to focus on more than dumb nonsense.
Oh my goodness @nicolejb I am right there with you re: the two-party system. In a country this big it really makes no sense that there are only two major political parties! We're such a diverse nation, and yet the two party system makes it look like we're not. @VinMcCarthy what you're saying about the 24 hour cycle makes sense. What's really unfortunate is that with information so accessible, they could easily have new material to be reporting on 24/7 without all the put-downs and drama.
@shannonl5 that makes sense. all the airtime they give him he uses to talk about what's important- the issues. he's trying to wake america up, make them see past the BS of mud-slinging politics. media wants to make it a show (it's why they love trump, and it's why what they're doing is making trump more popular.) @nicolejb I agree with that, too. the 24-hour news cycle has made most news effectively meaningless, so the media harps on anything at all in order to be relevant. that's why smearing works so well, because they believe it can build tension. the media blew up all that taylor swift/nicki minaj nonsense, when really all it was was a quick misunderstanding that was out there and done with in less than 36 hours. news outlets need their ratings to do well, as they compete against other 24-hour providers.
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