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We all hit hard times.

I'm told it's a part of living. WHATEVER. All I can say is that it's no fun at all. Personally, I've been going through a weird career transition, going from full time to mostly freelance, and it's been a little bit intimidating. New responsibilities, new people, and new problems to deal with the next time I do my taxes...

It's important to take care of yourself in times of stress!

Your body is using up lots of energy freaking out, so it's important to drink lots of water, eat healthy food if you can, and try to rest up so you can face whatever is ahead of you!

Of course, when you're stressed those things are much harder.

I never get enough sleep when I'm worried about something. And usually, that's when I turn to fandom. Because there's always someone on the internet who likes what I like. Who wants to talk to be about why we love Captain America, or what we think of the latest leaked trailer. There's always new fanfiction to read, or meta to flail about. It helps me go to sleep when I know I'll be dreaming about my heroes, instead of whatever is stressing me out.

And when all else fails, I have a dance party with myself.

I'm serious, it's a great way to de-stress. And because I don't have roommates right now, it's not even embarrassing.

I know it's a little weird... but I call this Self-Care Spider-Man

It's sort of a weird joke I made up for myself when I was feeling down one night. What would Spider-Man think about me being so hard on myself? It's silly, but it really worked. Of course he wouldn't want any of us to be sad! He's Spider-Man. He's a hero because he wants the world to be a better place, and that includes not being cruel to yourself when things get hard.

Here's a few things I do to try to make myself feel better:

Dance party of one Relaxing shower Reading something nice (aka fanfiction) A mug of tea A quiet walk Rewatch Iron Man 3 (or any good movie) Dressing up nice + taking selfies
Obviously it's not good to avoid responsibilities. Even though they're no fun, there are things we have to do in life and the longer we put them off the worse it will be later. But sometimes all your energy is completely used up and all you can do is treat yourself nicely until you're ready to face the day again! And that's what Self-Care Spider-Man is for. For taking care of number one: YOU!

Do you have your own version of this?

Just something that reminds you to take care of yourself when you need to. Maybe you don't have a special name for it, it's just a series of things you do when you know you need some "you" time. I thought it would be nice for the Marvel community to compile a list of all the things we do when we're feeling stressed. That way, when we need support, it will already be here!
@buddyesd @DanRodrogiez @DonovanMoore @marichelAlvarez @AimeeH @TerrecaRiley @caitlind9898 @JeanPaulGaleano @jcl4rks0n @purplem00n23 @LAVONYORK you're a big part of the Marvel community right now. I know this card was a little funny, but do you feel like you have a Self-Care Spider-Man in your back pocket? What do you all do when you're stressed?
This isn't a challenge or anything! I'd just love to hear your thoughts. ^_^
@buddyesd awww you're so sweet! @TerrecaRiley lol I like dancing and singing, I think that's a really good idea! @jlee37 hey :)
Love this!
@buddyesd @shannonl5 awwww thanks!
@jlee37 seconding what @buddyesd said
@jlee37 it's always good to see you :)
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